Key Benefits

of AnswerOne’s Professional Answering Service

For professional handling of your inbound calls 24/7, nothing compares to experience. AnswerOne has been providing call answering and voice mail services since 1995, using the most up-to-date technology to provide good old fashioned customer service. Never miss a call and never miss an opportunity with AnswerOne.


Supplement your Staff Without the Costs of Hiring

benefitsSmall businesses looking to reduce operating costs and/or give the presence of a larger firm, large businesses looking to outsource their more mundane inbound call answering tasks, and businesses of all sizes that experience spikes in call volume can reduce costs and maintain a professional appearance with AnswerOne’s inbound call answering service.

Our receptionists are available around the clock 365 days a year, meaning your phones never have to go unanswered. Whether you want us to handle after hours calls, calls that come in on weekends or holidays, all of your inbound phone calls or just act as overflow, our system and our trained professionals will work for you. We can even answer calls that your staff simply can’t get to fast enough, meaning a spike in call volume doesn’t have to mean a loss of business.

Increase Revenue,

Provide Instructions, Receive Information

Having a live person answering every inbound call for your business not only increases your customers’ perception of your business, it also means you’ll never miss an opportunity for a sale. Customers are far more likely to leave a message with a person than with a voicemail or IVR system, and we can develop specific answering protocols and programs to ensure your customers receive the best experience possible every time—and that your business has the best chance at ramping up revenue.

Our customizable answering service programs include the ability to provide certain information about your



business and products to consumers. If your business receives frequent calls asking for basic instructions on the use of your products, hours of operation, or directions to your business, AnswerOne’s extensively trained receptionists can direct callers to appropriate recorded messages that provide the necessary information. This enables you to meet all of your customers’ post-sales needs without giving up additional company resources.

AnswerOne also digitally stores all calls for 90 days. If there’s a question regarding customer information from a specific call or any concern about quality assurance, our stored call recordings are there to help clarify and correct anything and everything. You can be positive that you’ve received every important piece of information from every call we answer for you.