Attorney Answering Service

Attorney Answering Service

For an attorney answering service to truly do its job, it needs to do much more than merely answer the phones. Providing answering services for a law firm is something that we take very seriously, because there are specific professional obligations and responsibilities that come along with working in the legal profession.
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Answering Service – Legal Intake Receptionists

Training agents to ensure that they are ready to represent a legal practice is of the utmost importance. Agents are fully up to date on all of the legal requirements placed upon them by dealing with the clients of a law firm, as well as the tactics and professionalism to deal with those clients’ pressing concerns. This is what sets a truly excellent attorney answering service apart from its competitors.

Our company ensures that your client’s information is protected at all times. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance in the legal profession, and we understand that reality. Our agents are fully trained and prepared to follow best practices to ensure client confidentiality is always protected.


Our team presents a polished, professional voice to your clients whenever they call. We understand that calling a lawyer may come under stressful circumstances, but our highly professional agents have the expertise to deal with even the most stressful calls that may come into your legal practice. What’s more, with our team on the phones around the clock, you will never again miss out on another potential client. Our team is dedicated to representing your law firm in the way that you see fit. By utilizing our service, you can be sure that you have representatives for your company available at all hours of the day, even while the rest of your team is at home getting some much deserved rest.


One of the best reasons to hire an attorney answering service is to get a leg up on the competition and avoid missed calls/lost business. Ease of doing business and customers service are two of the primary reasons why a customer returns to purchase from a company for a second time.

If you can offer your customers top tier customer service, while also making it easy to do business with you no matter the day or hour, your competition will be hard pressed to keep up.

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We Cheerfully Answer Phones 24×7

For companies that deal with clients outside their own time zones, an attorney answering service becomes even more essential when your understaffed. Customers want to do business during regular business hours in their time zone, not yours. If your team can’t be available during those hours, a highly trained and professional answering service is the answer. They can represent your firm during peak business hours for your clients, no matter where in the world they might be located. Best of all, they can do so for a fraction of the cost it would take to keep your own team on the clock during the same hours.