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Inbound phone calls are about more than just connecting you with customers, vendors, and others with an interest in your business. Handled properly, every inbound call provides an opportunity to move your business forward with customer service, data acquisition and analysis, and order completion. With AnswerOne’s full-service inbound call answering solution, you get it all.
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Complete Messaging Services,

Call Data and Order Completion

AnswerOne’s virtual receptionists do more than just answer your calls. As part of our customizable call handling programs, we can collect data about who is calling you, when they’re calling, and why.

This gives you an opportunity to assess how well your business is meeting its goals and allows you to make adjustments to your marketing, manufacturing, and customer service plans based on real data that we collect and analyze for you. We also make it easy to check in on your data and all information pertaining to your account and your inbound calls. Access your account online, set up regular or incident-triggered email alerts, or simply give us a call—whatever proves most convenient, efficient, and effective for your business, we’re happy to provide it!


If your business relies on orders completed from inbound sales calls, our order entry service continues to provide the perfect solution. From filling out online forms and directly processing orders to recording and transmitting order information to your company for processing, whatever works best for you works seamlessly with our trained operators.

And with our around-the-clock and around-the-calendar staffing, you’ll never miss a single sale simply because no one was there to answer the phone. Your customers can call anytime and receive the same quality customer service they’ve come to expect, while you get year-round sales completion.

Call Answering,

Voice Mail, and Auto Attendant

Even our basic inbound call answering and voice mail service are more advanced than you might realize. AnswerOne makes it easy to make sure your inbound calls are answered by a professional, courteous, and live agent whenever you want—around the clock, after hours, weekends and holidays, or whenever answering on your end simply takes too long. Our auto attendant feature can transfer your inbound calls to our virtual receptionists whenever you need them to, automatically.

If you’d prefer a voice mail system that allows you to access your inbound messages from anywhere in the world at any time, AnswerOne has that, too. We can even help you parse your voice mails for important information and send you regular updates from your messages, saving you time and resources while getting you the information you need.

With fast pickup times, highly trained phone professionals, and an array of customizable order fulfillment, data analysis, and answering service components to our inbound call handling programs, you’re sure to be able to craft the plan that’s right for you with AnswerOne.

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