Bilingual Answering Service

Bilingual Answering Service

You can step outside of one of our call centers and throw a rock into Mexico. To say that we understand the need for bilingual customer support in the Hispanic community is probably an understatement. That is why our answering service agents are fluent in both Spanish and English. Having a multilingual staff enables us to provide the best customer experience for callers with the flexibility to take care of people no matter which language they are most comfortable speaking.

If your company needs help handling callers who speak Spanish, then we have got you covered. We are a 24/7 Bilingual Answering Service, so you can count on us around the clock. Or perhaps you just need us to provide after-hours support, or want us to take only the Spanish callers during the day because you’ve got the English ones covered, or we can even field your calls exclusively on weekends. Whatever your needs are, we’ve got your answering service solution thanks to our friendly, helpful bilingual agents.

Want to know one of the best parts about our Bilingual Answering Service? You don’t have to pay a cent more to have calls answered in Spanish, because we don’t believe great service should have an additional cost!
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Premier Customer Support for a Growing Hispanic Population

To be fair, using a bilingual answering service is becoming a necessity for companies who want to keep up in today’s business world. First, providing great customer service is paramount to achieve success in business. And second, the Hispanic population is growing more rapidly than any other demographic in the United States. In Los Angeles and New York alone there are over 1.8 million Hispanics, and cities like Phoenix, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and Chicago are not far behind. Wherever your business is located, there is an entire market of Spanish-speaking people that are ready to become a customer as long as you’re willing and able to take care of their needs.

Picture of five people working at a business supported by a bilingual answering service


How do our Bilingual Answering Services work?

They work however you need them to! We offer bilingual answering services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can use them all day/every day, after-hours, on weekends, while you’re on vacation, while you’re on lunch, or in overflow situations when your secretary is already on the line. Our agents take calls and speak with people in English or Spanish (caller’s choice) and then they deliver the message to you in English or Spanish (your choice).

AnswerOne’s bilingual agents can do it all! We are fully HIPAA compliant, so we can be your bilingual medical answering service. If you would like us to be your first point of contact for callers and transfer calls accordingly, then we can serve as your bilingual virtual receptionist. We can schedule appointments for you, provide dispatch service, process orders, and more all with the power of bilingual versatility.

Image of two hands holding a cell phone after speaking with a bilingual answering service