Property Management Answering Service

Property Management Answering Service

When tenants need to talk to someone about their concerns or emergencies, our property management answering service agents are standing by to help. We are available to take calls from potential tenants who are considering your property too. Whether it is a call to report a burst pipe or an inquiry about an available unit, our friendly, helpful staff will handle each interaction exactly as you like. Our property management answering services work well as an extension of your on-site staff or as your after-hours support solution. And our agents are fully bilingual too! So it doesn’t matter if your callers speak English or Spanish, because our bilingual property management answering services have got you covered.

Based on your instructions and preferences, we can customize a property management answering service plan to fit your needs. We can take non-emergency messages from tenants and pass them along to you however you’d like (email, text, fax, online portal), and we can provide emergency dispatch for maintenance or disaster recovery. We can help with good things too! From appointment scheduling to show properties to providing information for prospective tenants, using a good property management answering service can help you keep vacancies to a minimum.
Fast Pick Up Times
Cheerful Receptionists
Online Analytics & Reports
Custom Call Screening
Voice Mail Service
Help Desk Support
IVR Services
On-Call Rosters
Call Dispatching


Apartment Complexes, Rental Properties, Condos, and Real Estate Offices

Real people and 24 hour coverage are what property management answer services are all about!

No two property management companies and no two tenants are exactly the same. That’s why we work with you to dial in a perfectly customized plan that will take care of your wishes and your caller’s needs. As one of the leading property management answering services, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet the highest standards of our property management clients.

Your success is important to us, because we don’t succeed until you do! So please consider taking advantage of our one week, free property management answering service trial to see how it works and what we’re all about. Take your property management company to the next level by joining forces with AnswerOne. We are excited to work with you and get you set up with the perfect bilingual property management answering service.