Order Entry

Order Entry Services

When a customer calls to place an order and they get to speak with a friendly, helpful person they are far more likely to go through with their order, and even call to order again. The AnswerOne Order Entry team is composed of experienced agents who speak both English and Spanish to professionally facilitate the sale of the products or services your business sells. They’ll answer questions, take accurate order information, and support a satisfying ordering experience for your callers. You can trust us to produce impressive conversion rates as order entry services has been a part of our collection of call center services for years!

We make the ordering process easy for you and your customers. With 24/7 availability and the ability to scale up in the event you expect a surge in calls, taking orders has never been easier for you. We can interface with your web-based platform or just collect the order information you specify and pass it along to you. Fast response times for your callers and a reduced internal support cost for you lets you focus on making your product or service excellent. And after the sale has been made, we can even play the role of your Help Desk to continue supporting your customers!
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Confidential Order Entry Options

Information taken during the order entry process remains private.

At AnswerOne, we continuously train our bilingual agents to ensure confidentiality and security throughout the order entry process. Whatever products or services you offer, we go to great lengths to protect all data collected when your callers place an order. Whether we collect personal healthcare/medical information, shipping data, payment details, or anything else you might need, we always adhere to strict security guidelines.

When it comes to order taking, processing and fulfillment, we offer plenty of options so you can customize the experience for your callers. We’ll help you dial in the perfect script, set up A-B testing to gauge the effectiveness of your ad campaign, and send you regularly scheduled order batches. From top to bottom, beginning to end, AnswerOne Order Entry Services is geared to help your business succeed. If you’re considering outsourcing your order entry process, give us a call and see how we have been helping companies like yours sell their products and services for years!