Emergency Call Answering Service

Emergency Call Answering Service

Emergency calls are made by distressed people at all hours of the day. You need professional agents to pick up the phone quickly, stay calm, and help the caller in crisis. We provide highly-trained agents to perform emergency call answering service for a wide variety of circumstances. Whether it is emergency dispatch, disaster recovery, or medical answering services, our operators are always ready to quickly and smoothly get your callers the help they need.

No matter what the emergency is, we are prepared to answer calls and deliver those high priority messages to the right person in a hurry. Depending on your preference, our agents can text, email, or flag the message in your online portal. We can even call out to ensure the emergency messages are heard and being addressed as soon as possible. And just like all our other services, we offer fully bilingual emergency call answering service.
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Disaster Recovery

Answering Service Support When Disaster Strikes

Whether it’s a simple power outage, a snowstorm that’s keeping you from opening shop, or a fierce hurricane that has crippled the town, have phone support backup is crucial. Sometimes you can be expecting a disaster to hit, and other times they happen without warning, but either way, your business must be ready to handle things.

We are available to deliver disaster recovery call support 24/7/365. If the emergency is causing your call volume to spike and you can’t handle all the calls, we are ready to provide call overflow support. Or perhaps you can’t even make it into the office to answer a single call. No worries, because we can make sure your phones are forwarded to our agents so they can take care of things for you and keep your business on its feet until you’re able to recover. We can even establish a hotline for your employees too, so it’s easy for you to relay information to everyone so they can stay safe.Solutions

One of the most important aspects of being able to answer emergency calls in disaster recovery situations is making sure that we are impervious to whatever is impacting you and your business. That is why we have multiple locations in secure areas with impressive redundancy built in. Our lines will always be open so we can help your company through the toughest times.

Customize Your Emergency Call Answering Service Plan

We’ve got you covered when it matters no matter what industry you’re in.

From doctors and HVAC contractors, to towing companies and lawyers, when people call companies like this, they are often experiencing some type of emergency. Businesses like yours must be ready to take those calls whenever they are made or else you might miss out on an opportunity to earn another new customer, patient, or client. Handling these sensitive calls with care is something we have years of experience doing. Your callers feel more comfortable when they have a calm, sympathetic person talking to them on the other end of the line. Give us a call today to find out exactly how we can help you out with our emergency call answering service.