The Power of a Spanish Answering Service


When someone calls your company who speaks Spanish, do you always have someone who can help them out on the phone? That’s where a Spanish answering service really comes in handy.

Image of a Spanish answering service agent

Do you ever get people calling your business who speak Spanish, but you can’t help them because you don’t speak the language? Or maybe you or someone on your staff speak enough Spanish to help them out during the day, but your answering service isn’t able to help them after hours or when you are busy because they don’t have bilingual agents. That can all change with a Spanish answering service.

Spanish-speaking agents who live here in the US are able to fluently take care of all your callers who either don’t speak English, or are more comfortable using Spanish. And here is perhaps the most awesome part of a Spanish answering service like ours….we are fully staffed with bilingual answering service agents who can handle both Spanish and English calls. Not only is this a great way to better serve your callers, but it is an ideal method to brand your business phones with an answering service.

Here’s how it works: whenever you turn your phones over to us to handle your calls and someone dials in who speaks Spanish, it’s just business as usual for our agents. We follow your script, provide the information you’d like us to, take whatever messages you prefer, and collect contact information. Then, we translate it into English and send you the details. It’s that easy. And of course if it’s just a straight English call, there are no issues there.

It can all even work the other way around if you are more comfortable getting your messages in Spanish. Our highly trained staff of Spanish answering service agents can take English calls and translate your messages into Spanish before sending them to you. A Spanish answering service can work a bunch of different ways, but that’s the point: it just works.

The Hispanic population will make up 1/5 of the total population of the United States in just a few short years. Do you really want to miss out on all that potential business just because you can’t communicate with callers speaking Spanish? Well, you don’t have to, because a Spanish answering service like ours is always ready to help you grow your business and deliver excellent customer service.